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20 September 2018



Seeing no comments finally prompted me to write to say I enjoy this blog and look forward to your book. I'm glad I occasionally checked for activity on Antidote. I have no training in architecture but I've always been interested in what works, or not, and why. My 18 months in VN were spent largely north of Dinh Quan on QL-20 and I saw only a bit of Saigon when traveling to the airport for R&R but in the countryside the Vietnamese ability to do more with less was impressive and I gradually realized their traditional houses and farmsteads were well planned and efficient in their environment.

Mel Schenck

Thank you, TJ. That is a good observation you made about the traditional houses being well-planned. They learned over a long period of time what works.
I never got north of Dinh Quan on QL-20, but it looked like beautiful country up there. I have since flown to Dalat, though.
I have finished writing and editing the book, which is currently being designed. I hope it will be on Amazon by next January.
-- Mel

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